Toast with Jam is a recipe introduced in Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic.


Toast is one of the easiest recipes to make and is also one of the most versatile. Toast is made by applying dry heat to the surface of sliced bread, usually with the help of a toaster. This causes the bread to brown, changing the flavor and making it firm and crunchy.

In Cooking Mama 4, you can make toast with a marmalade spread made of the amanatsu fruit, (also known as natsumikan) which is a Japanese citrus similar to that of a grapefruit. Marmalade, compared to jams and jelly, is usually distinguished by the use of both the fruit and peel of citrus fruits.

There is another toast recipe, Fried Egg on Toast, which is made in Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop.

Cooking Mama 4


  1. Peel the skin!
  2. Chop it!
  3. Juice it!
  4. Stir it!
  5. Use the slicer!
  6. Catch the toast!
  7. Spread the jam!


  • Amanatsu Fruit
  • Amanatsu Skin
  • Sugar
  • Pectin (a substance found naturally in some fruits that help give fruit spreads their gel-like texture)
  • Bread