A webisode featured on Cooking Mama World.



Ichigo learns how to sew yarn to make scarves.


Ichigo and Max watch the beautiful winter scenery outside when she hears Mama call for her. The two of them go to see what she wants and they find her sewing. Mama gets up and puts the brand new, just made scarves around their necks. Ichigo and Max are very happy, but Ichigo finds herself inspired with an idea and she tells Mama that she'd like them to make a scarf for Papa too. 

Mama is highly supportive of the idea and she asks Ichigo to get some yarn from the basket so that they can start. Ichigo grabs a bunch of yarn, but fails to notice the anxious Max nearby until he suddenly jumps on her. The yarn balls fly out of her hands as Ichigo lands on the ground, then she gets up to watch as Mama begins to sew.

She decides to try sewing as well and is able to do a little bit; but slightly messes up. But she refuses to give up while Mama encourages her from the background. She continues to sew and makes one that appears very big in length, but it is still somewhat messy. She feels saddened and starts to walk away, now highly discouraged. However, when she remembers that she was making it for Papa, Ichigo decides to try one last time. 

With four yarn balls, Ichigo makes a very long scarf. She is happy until seeing how big it is and once again feels defeated, but only for a moment. She runs into the nearby room and grabs Papa, bringing him to where she, Mama, and Max are. Then she ties one side of it around Mama's neck, then puts the other on Papa's neck and the family share a smile.



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