Sweet Dumpling is a dish introduced in Cooking Mama 2.


A cooked ball of dough that is often found skewered on a stick and covered in a sweet or savory sauce. They can also be found in foods like soups or stews, and may include items stuffed in them.

This recipe is virtually the same as Dango Dumplings, a dish later introduced in Cooking Mama: World Kitchen and renamed as Mitarashi Dango in Cooking Mama Let's Cook!

Cooking Mama 2Edit


  1. Add ingredients and knead!
  2. Roll it into a ball!
  3. Boil a dumpling!
  4. Let it stew!
  5. Put dumplings on a skewer!
  6. Grill with charcoal!
  7. Spread it on with a brush!


  • Rice Flour
  • Water
  • Soy Sauce
  • Sugar
  • Potato Flour



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