One of the clips/videos/webisodes on Cooking Mama World.
Papa Gingerbread



Mama teaches Ichigo and Ringo how to decorate Gingerbread Men.


The video begins as Ichigo, Ringo, and Max are preparing the Christmas Tree. They soon finish as Mama comes by to show them the little Gingerbread Men she's made for them to decorate and eat, which makes the both of them very excited and they all go into the other room to begin decorating.

Before she let's her children start, Mama explains how the process works in order to make sure they both do a good job. After she finishes they both try to make one, with Ringo making a somewhat decent Ichigo, which pleases Max and Mama, but not Ichigo.

She tries to make one and happens to make a really nice one of Ringo, but he is a bit saddened to see that she did better than him. Both of them wind up feeling frustrated over different things and they both give Max a dark expression when they see him getting a little too close to the cookies. Now competitive, the siblings return to decorating. 

While Ichigo has been doing better than Ringo, the both of them are in high-spirits. A little while later they continue working until Mama notices Papa has returned. The three of them go to greet him and with the presents now home they all dress up in their santa costumes and pose for a photo as the camera zooms in on their many Gingerbread Men.



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