An episode featured on Cooking Mama World.



As its their final night in the woods, Papa and Mama try to make it a very fun experience for Ringo and Ichigo.


A montage of events begin to take place as Mama's family has fun. Ichigo watches flowers, Papa and Ringo carry wood, Ringo is butterfly hunting with a fishnet, and Mama and Ringo carry a bunch of buckets filled with water.

That evening, Mama and Papa are cooking fish using the fire in front of the four of them, unaware of how anxious both Ringo and Ichigo seem. They ask their children about this, who inform them that they feel a bit down about having to leave the next day. They feel their trip has come to an end too soon. With some thought, Papa and Mama come up with a fun idea. Papa decides they should go through the woods but Ichigo and Ringo are a bit frightened.

Papa assures them that it is fine however, and shows them the light they can use to help guide them through the woods. At first things seem to be going okay, but midway through the four members of the family hold hands and continue to walk until they reach the other side. They stop to observe the bright shining night sky. 

The following morning, everyone is now back at home unpacking. Ichigo and Ringo go inside with Max while Papa and Mama finish.

A little while later everyone walks by a wall with many pictures on it, showing their fun time they had when they went out camping. The camera gets closer to the middle photo of their final night outside camping as the clip comes to an end.



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