Salt-Baked Sea Bream is a dish available in Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop.


Sea bream that is prepared in the style of shiogamayaki, in which the fish is stuffed with herbs and covered in a salt crust before baking. Rather than making the fish taste excessively salty, the crust instead seals in the juice and aromatics inside the fish, making the flesh tender and juicy.

Cooking Mama 3


  1. Descale the fish!
  2. Clean the sea bream!
  3. Stuff the fish with herbs!
  4. Mince it!
  5. Separate the whites!
  6. Mix them together!
  7. Coat it with salt!
  8. Draw a picture!
  9. Set it correctly!
  10. Crack the salt!


  • Sea Bream
  • Fresh Herbs (basil, oregano, rosemary)
  • Garlic
  • Egg Whites
  • Salt
  • Served on a bed of herbs



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