Sakura is one of the characters in Cooking Mama: Cook Off (known as "Japanese Friend") and Cooking Mama: World Kitchen.. She also appeared in Bento A Go-Go as a cameo with Clara and Kate.
Sakura 2



Not much is known about her.


Sakura is a light-skinned young Japanese girl. Her brown-black hair is cut in a bob with bangs. She wears a pink-white shirt, a red skirt with red suspenders, pink-white socks, red shoes and a cherry clip on the right side of her hair.


"Wow, amazing!" - Cooking Mama: World Kitchen -

"Nice to meet you! I'm Sakura." - Cooking Mama: World Kitchen -  Greeting the player.

"Keep it up!" -  Cooking Mama: World Kitchen - cheering the player.

"I'm so full! That was delicious!" - Cooking Mama: World Kitchen - 100 points.

"How cool is that?"

"I'm so embarrassed. I want to hide!"  - Cooking Mama: World Kitchen - If she is full.

"Yeouch!" - Cooking Mama: World kitchen - If the player accidently hits the <name's> hand.

"All done!" - Cooking Mama: World Kitchen - before thanking the player.

"Got it!"  

"You should let my friend have a taste!" - Cooking Mama: World Kitchen - After unlocking Maylee.

"Oh, no! I'll do better next time. OK?" 

"Oh, no! Maybe I'm no good at this."

"Now what?" - Cooking Mama: World Kitchen - If the player fails a minigame.


*Her name is Japanese for "cherry blossom."


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