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Ringo is the adopted son of Mama and Papa. He is the older brother of Ichigo. His only game appearance has been Camping Mama, in which he is the other playable character. His biological mother died of a heart attack.

He is only 10 years old and was born in 1996.







144cm (4'9")


Ringo is the older brother of Ichigo and the son of Mama and Papa. He is the first child of Papa after his original mother died, but Papa adopted him from the city orphanage and he had been a member of his new family ever since. Although he messes up a little just like Ichigo, he is a perfect boy and never seems to get into trouble. This happy camper is not afraid to be who he is. He loves playing catch with Papa and Max as much as he loves cooking with Mama. He even loves camping with Mama and the rest of the family and fishing in the lake. Ringo always helps Ichigo keep the family meal away from Max. Although he is from the city, he has the caring heart of Mama and the can-do spirit of Papa. There's no problem Ringo can't fix when he learns to believe in himself. 


Ringo is a pale skinned boy with black-brown eyes and small eyebrows. He is often shown grinning widely or smiling and sometimes with blushing cheeks. He displays an inoccent, though mischevious nature. He has short dark brown hair, somewhat similar in both color and style to Papa's hair, though a lot more spiked, and more grown out.

Ringo has only been shown wearing camping gear, in both the game and online content. He wears a white T-shirt with a blue vest worn shut and a pair of brown jean shorts. He also has short white socks and blue tennis shoes, matching his blue wristbands. Around his neck, Ringo wears a red kerchief.






  • Ringo means "apple". However, unlike Ichigo, Ringo does not seem to have an apple theme as of yet.



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