Ringo is the son of Mama and Papa and older brother of Ichigo. His only game appearance has been Camping Mama, in which he is the other playable character.


Ringo is the spirited and gives everything his all. Like Ichigo he might have times of clumsiness, and they can be fairly competitive with each other, but he cares about his family and when dedicated, shows a hot-blooded side. He enjoys boyish hobbies like camping and sports, but he seems to enjoy cooking and helping Mama and Ringo with some creative hobbies too. 

He displays an innocent, though mischievous nature at times.


Ringo has fair skin with black-brown eyes and small eyebrows. He is often shown grinning widely or smiling and sometimes with blushing cheeks. He has short dark brown hair that appears fairly messy with several strands that stick up. He has no nose like most other characters.

Ringo has only been shown wearing his camping outfit as normal attire. Consisting of a white top beneath a blue vest and a pair of brown denim shorts. He also wears white socks, blue sneakers to match his wristbands, and a red kerchief on his neck.






  • Ringo means "apple". However, unlike Ichigo, Ringo does not seem to have an apple theme
  • However, in one of the cooking mama world episode, he does seem to be wearing a Apple pajama that suit his name.
  • Although he is the older sibling, Ringo appeared after Ichigo did in the games.