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A very common ingredient/dish in Cooking Mama games is Rice. It can be used as an alternative ingredient in many recipes, cooked alone, or used as the main ingredient in many other dishes.

Rice cooked separately will be located on this page, while specific rice foods (Rice Balls, Rice Cakes) will be given their own pages.


Rice is a typically well known grain that is a huge staple to Asian cuisines and are mainly produced in regions of Asia. It comes in many types but the most common is long grain white rice.

Cooking Mama 1Edit


  1. Measure and add rice
  2. Measure and add water
  3. Clean the rice
  4. Set the timer


  • Rice
  • Water

Cooking Mama: World KitchenEdit

In this game, the player can make Rice with Shredded Sea Bream. As one can tell, this recipe adds more than plain white rice, referring to a Japanese dish known as tai meshi, grilled sea bream boiled together with rice in stock. Sea bream is a highly valued fish in Japanese culture and is served mainly on special occasions.


  1. Descale the fish
  2. Grill with charcoal
  3. Boil


  • Red sea bream
  • Rice
  • Salt
  • Soy sauce
  • Kombu
  • Broth
  • Decorated with nanten (heavenly bamboo) leaves

Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen MagicEdit


  1. Polish the rice!
  2. Measure and pour it!
  3. Wash the rice!
  4. Measure and pour it!
  5. Cook the rice!

Ingredients Edit

  • Brown Rice
  • Water


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