Papa and Ringo is an episode featured on Cooking Mama World.



Day three of their camping adventure finds Papa and Ringo trying to fish and learning how to construct a make-shift fishing rod.


Papa and Ringo are studying the lake before them, noticing many fish and crabs in the water. Ringo is very excited and after seeing one of the fish fly out, he decides to try fishing. He tells Papa about this and they head back to the van to grab their fishing rods. They walk by a curious Ichigo and Mama, who simply observe them as they head back to the lake. 

As they only have one fishing rod, Papa leaves momentarily. Ringo finds him with a bunch of pieces of branches and wood and questions this, with Papa informing him that fishing rods can be made out of wood. With some work they are able to produce a few fishing rods and Papa starts to try to show Ringo how to fish. 

Unfortunately, Ringo made his stick too thin and wavy from all the cutting and it snaps in half. So he tries again upon seeing the encouragement from Papa. He manages to go through three more and soon manages to make a half-descent rod, so they continue to try to make some more. When Ringo makes a really good one they run back to the lake in an attempt to fish. 

Ringo manages to make a catch and the webisode comes to an end.



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