Papa is a character first introduced in Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends, as a friend one could cook for. He is the husband of Mama and father of Ichigo and Ringo.

Papa has appeared in few games since then, including Gardening Mama and Camping Mama, where he mostly serves a purpose and gained a voice. He's also had multiple cameos through Crafting Mama.

In Japanese, Papa is voiced by Naoya Nosaka. In English he is voiced by Lucas Schuneman.


Papa is the happy and hard-working father of the family. He is very kind and loving and enjoys camping- as well as eating. He works as a business man outside of the house, and doesn't appear to have as much free time as Mama.

While he and Mama have a very loving relationship, he often winds up as the butt of Mama's jokes or accidents. So as a result he hesitates when she asks him for help at times. They can also be fairly competitive towards each other, although he does not share her tempermental side and appears more laid-back, although he is the first to worry.


Papa is a fair-skinned adult male with brown hair, almost the same color and bangs shape of Mama's. He's the only family member to wear a pair of glasses, his being oval shaped. While normally Papa can be depicted in a dark blue work suit with his suitcase, his casual attire is a white shirt worn under a pale green dress shirt, khaki pants, and light brown shoes. He is also the only family member who has a nose, likely to hold up his glasses.

For camping, Papa wears his normal attire but with shorter pants, visible white socks, and a camping hat. Instead of wearing a dress shirt, he wears a light green camping vest with brown shoulders.


"You're giving Papa a run for his money!" - Said if the player gets 100%

"That's the stuff. Keep it up!" - Said if the player gets 50%

"Nevermind. You'll get it next time!" - Said if the player gets 0%

"You were so close."

"Great! Papa's proud of you."

"Brilliant! Papa's impressed!"

"Don't worry. Leave it to Papa."

"Perfect! Papa's amazed!"

"Keep trying! Don't give up!


  • Papa's very first mention was in Cooking Mama when Mama asks the player to make an amount of food for her, him, and the player.
  • In Babysitting Mama he appeared in one of the cards "Baby Talk" minigame of Emma.
  • Papa was mentioned in one of Mama's phrases in Cooking Mama: World Kitchen.



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