An episode featured on Cooking Mama World.



In gratitude for everything Mama does for them, Ringo and Ichigo plan to pay her back but will they successfully make her something?


Ichigo and Ringo both sit down to breakfast one morning and begin to eat their pancakes while Mama observes them. When she remembers that she forgot to tend to the flowers outside, she goes to leave in order to do her outside chores.

Ichigo and Ringo quickly finish and they discuss their plans for the day. Since Mama does so much for them, Ichigo and Ringo want to do something for her too. They get to work, having decided to make pancakes. But this seems easier than said after they mix the batter too vigorously. 

They quickly clean up and resume cooking, placing the pan on top of the stove. They pour the batter into it and manage to make a pancake. Then Ringo then tries to flip the pancake they were just trying to make, only to land on the middle side of the table where Max is as he eats it as they try to flip it. Ichigo, Ringo and Max (now has crumbs on his face) try again with a little more batter and this time manage to catch it in the pan.  

A little while later, Mama comes into the room to see Ichigo, Ringo, and Max peacefully asleep on the floor. She sees the counter and looks over it to see that its filled with different pancakes on plates and she smiles upon finding one with her face on it. 



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