A webisode on Cooking Mama World.



Mama and her Family prepare for their amazing camping adventure!


Mama and her family are together one morning when Papa comments on how sunny and lovely the weather is, stating that now is the best time to go camping. Mama points out that they will need to prepare food and some backpacks and with excitement, Ichigo and Ringo run off to get to work. 

First Ringo changes into his camping gear as Ichigo changes clothing. They find Papa with a bunch of items in fromt of him and offer to help pick some of them up, but they find it a bit difficult and end up just worsening the mess. While Ringo is still perky and excited, Ichigo begins to feel a bit sad and Papa tries to encourage them to just try again.

Together they go to try and help with something else, deciding to pack one of the backpacks. Unfortunately, neither of them seem to realize they over-stuffed the backpack and all of the items pop out of it. They proceed to try two more times, but the same thing happens again and again. Neither of them plan to give up however and they spend the entire day trying to pack the backpack.

That night, Mama has just finished making some curry, she tries to find Ringo and Ichigo and comes across Max before she manages to locate her children in the other room. She then finds Papa, who is busy watching their exhausted children napping by the backpack. They can't help but smile in amusement. 


  • This webisode marks Ringo's first animated appearance; tying in with his first appearance in Camping Mama. 


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