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Where it began....



Can Mama and the family pound the rice without any injury?


The family is preparing to go outside for rice pounding. There, Papa and Mama pound the rice, with him turning it every time Mama hits it with a special mallet. Ichigo and Max watch with curiousity as Papa and Mama soon get competitive, speeding up their actions. 

At first this seems to be fine, until Mama accidentally smashes Papa's hand mid-turn. Feeling remorseful she begins to chase him around the house trying to give him some first aid. But he's just trying to avoid her at the time since she was the one who hit him. 

Eventually they are able to calm him down and get him tended to, though everyone is a little upset by this happening. They are able to resume pounding rice, with Ichigo trying to lend a hand this time in Papa's place. 

She is given the mallet but struggles to hold it. Mama, seeing this and feeling bad for Ichigo, gets an idea and makes a quick, easier wooden mallet that Ichigo can hold onto. So she pounds the rice while Mama turns it, and they are able to make rice cakes soon after. Everyone dresses up to enjoy the snack and pose for a picture as the clip ends.


  • All though small, notice Papa's hand at the middle of the webisode. It's not bandaged like it should be.


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