Natasha 3
Natasha is a character from Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends and Cooking Mama: Cook-Off (known as "Russian Friend").

Her age is unknown but she appears to be the same age as the other friends and may be around the age of Ringo and Ichigo.



Compared to the other friends, Natasha appears to keep to herself. With smaller ranges of expressions, one can assume she is the quiet type or may be a little shy.


Natasha has pale skin and slanted, small black eyes with lashes. She tends to keep her mouth shut or with a small smile in most instances, and lacks a nose like most other characters. She has blushed cheeks. Her long, platinum blonde hair is nearly floor length with several loose strands sticking out. Her thin bangs frame the top portion of her face, held by a clip on each side. Sometimes she wears an orange hat.

Natasha wears a pale blue dress trim with blue fluffy material on the collar, sleeve cuff, and bottom. She has an ornament hanging from the collar, and wears dull orange boots.


  • Natasha did not make a return in Cooking Mama 3, but she did return in Crafting Mama.
  • Natasha's name can translate as Christmas Day in Russian.
  • Natasha looks very similar to Ivan, who is a russian boy. It is possible that they are brother and sister. 
  • In official art Natasha is normally depicted with a hat on. But in the games she is never shown wearing it.


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