NONE is a glitch recipe found in Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends.

Execution Edit

NOTE: If you have unlocked all recipes, then this glitch cannot be performed, so if you want to perform this glitch, you will have to reset ALL of your data!

At least 2 pages of recipes are required before performing this glitch. It is accessed by quickly selecting "Back" in the step select screen. After transitioning to the recipe menu, by repeatedly tapping the scrolling heart, the top portion of the page should slide to reveal an empty field usually reserved for future recipes. Several attempts may be needed in order to get the page to shift for the desired effect. Selecting one of the recipe icon will introduce you to a recipe known as NONE, which can be selected in both the actual recipe and the practice mode.

Steps Edit

There are 20 "Chop it up!" And 1 "Boil it!" minigames, with no icon visible for each step. Selecting any one of the steps will softlock the game, making it unable to load the minigame and preventing it from progressing any further unless the game is reset. Scrolling past the "Boil it!" minigame will freeze the game, also forcing a reset.

It is assumed to be a dummy or placeholder recipe, as it repeats itself. The aforementioned factors are confirmed for the practice mode for this recipe, but it is likely that the same steps and effects are applied in the actual recipe as well.

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