Maylee is a character for Cooking Mama: Cook Off (Known as "Chinese Friend") and Cooking Mama: World Kitchen. Her age is unknown but around the age of Ichigo and Ringo, though it never actually said.

She is one of the friends to appear in both wii games, but in none of the DS versions.


Maylee is a tan skinned Asian girl with pale pink blushy cheeks. Her eyes always shown to be closed (much like German Friend) and she often smiles. She wears her long black hair in braided pigtails held with old ball objects and small red scrunchies, her bangs being straight cut above her eyes. This hairstyle is known as "Ox Horns".

Maylee wears a traditional red chinese dress with yellow cuffs and flats.


Not much is known about Maylee since the Friends do not have personal information known other than name and nationality. From what can be shown however, she seems to be a very perky and happy girl who rarely ever frowns.


"You're unstoppable!"


"You're good at this!"

"Mmm. That was quite a treat!"

"Indescribable! Absolute perfection!"

"Ugh! Your timing is inexcusable!"

"I'll handle it!"

"It's a miracle!"



  • Oddly, her "Select a friend" icon lacks her braided pigtails.