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Max falls in love with David's poodle and tries to impress her.


Ichigo and Ringo are in the kitchen with Max when David stops over for a visit. He brings his adorable little poodle for a visit and while Ichigo and Ringo both think she is adorable, Max is instantly smitten. He continues to think about her until an idea suddenly strikes. So later outside he yanks Ichigo around to bring the poodle a flower, not aware of the tired and worn out Ichigo behind him....

The poodle is very happy with her flower present and later Max repeats this by dragging Ringo behind him and giving her a bone wrapped with a bow this time. Again she seems to like it.

Later on while in the middle of a nap, Max dreams about him and the poodle being very happy, and very in love with one-another...

The very next day, Max drags both Ringo and Ichigo back to meet with David and his poodle, only for David to reveal he's got another poodle, to match his female one. A rejected Max then sulks back home with a very concerned Ringo and Ichigo trailing behind him. He seems to be in a worse mood as the day goes by and refuses to do anything, which worries the both of them greatly.

The very next day, Ringo awakens to see a whole bunch of paw prints around the room!

As he gets up an angry Ichigo chases after Max and the both of them realize he's covered the both of them in paw prints, causing them to smile upon realizing that Max is back to normal and they continue to run and play with him as the webisode ends...



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