Marco is a friend character who appeared in Cooking Mama: Cook Off (known as Italian Friend) and Cooking Mama: World Kitchen. Not very much is known about Marco, but he may like sports given his attire and his usual image
Italian friend
depicting him with a ball under his foot.


Meet Marco, the Italian boy who loves to play soccer with his best friends and always keeps his head in the game. He is spontatanous and very athletic, but he puts his friends first. Marco has his best friend the smart and loyal David as his wingman. There's no game Marco can't win, no test he can't pass, and no problem he can't solve when he puts his head to it. It's no wonder this loyal soccer player knows how to be a good sport on and off the field and in school!


Marco is a young boy who looks to be about the age of Ichigo or Ringo. He has pale-fair colored skin and small dark colored eyes. and bright orange-brown colored hair. Marco has bright orange-brown colored hair about chin in length and semi-messy. He has long bangs curving towards the right framing part of his face and multiple cowlicks on the top of his head.

Marco wears very simple attire consisting of a blue T-shirt, white shorts, dark blue socks, and black tennis shoes.


"You're good!"

"Take that!"

"That's the way!"


"Whoa, you're awesome!"



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