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Mama worries as the family acts sneaky everytime they come by her or see her, just what is going on?


The webisode begins as Mama finds Ichigo and Ringo in the kitchen baking. She approaches them and waits for her children to notice her, and upon doing so they try to hurry up and hide the mixture they were starting to work on just then. As soon as Ringo points at Mama to look in the opposite direction the children take off!

As soon as she turns back to face them Mama sees they have left. She questions this suspicious behavior and she continues along in the hallway. Upon seeing Papa, Mama approaches him but he too is acting weirdly. He tries to hide the boxes of material he was carrying as she tries to look around him and see what happens to be in the box.

A little rejected, Mama stands in a room by herself until hearing others. She proceeds to follow them, not seeing the harm in it but upon realizing she was behind them everyone, including Max run away!

Once again, rejected and now in the kitchen, Mama tries to determine why everyone is being so secretive. A little while later, Max comes by and leads Mama to a very dark room. As Mama stands in there the lights suddenly turn on revealing her family, Max, and all her friends all surrounding her, unveiling a surprise party celebrating her! A HAPPY ANNIVERSARY logo appears as the webisode comes to an end...


  • The opening and ending video on each webisode has changed once more, introducing the third and final opening and ending segment. On the Nug Nug TV Kids version of this webisode, there are some changes: in the beginning, it only shows Mama as she approaches by to see the kids. Towards the middle, Jelly gets rejected and falls down. She gets help quickly by Blooper and puts her in a wagon similar to the one in Breadwinners and starts pulling the wagon. Jelly also transform into a Paratroopa/Para-Biddybud/Paragoomba, like creature with wings before it shows Mama and Max. 
  • Goof: It should be a birthday video instead of an anniversary video, as the logo should say "Happy Birthday" instead.  


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