Lucy is the main female baby character on Babysitting Mama. She is the second baby unlocked after you play after Yuto. Just like the other babies, she has not made many other appearances outside out this game.

Lucy laughing

She is voiced by Masayo Hosono.


Lucy seems to like orange and yellow given her attire and book coloring. She also seems to like daisies/flowers. Out of all the girl babies, Lucy is most likely the most even-tempered, happy, and gentle. She isn't nearly as fussy.


Lucy has fair-pale tanned skin coloring and brown-black eyes. She has dark brunette hair that is short and about ear in length with a small ponytail worn with a daisy hair ornament.

Lucy wears a orange shirt/dress with a daisy on the left-side. Daniel and Koyuki and Yuto


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