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Ichigo tries very hard to make a special Valentine's Day surprise


The video begins as Ichigo sneaks into the kitchen. She checks to make sure nobody is around and she then takes out a bar of chocolate just as Mama comes into the kitchen. She stops and watches Ichigo, then quietly sneaks back out to watch Ichigo as she begins to bake. 

Ichigo unwraps the bar of chocolate and decides to try a bite, followed by a few more until she realizes she ate about half of the bar. She is a bit upset by this, having not paid attention and Mama gets concerned. However this doesn't stop Ichigo and she melts what she has left anyway. 

With a pot of boiling water, Ichigo tries to put the chocolate pieces into another bowl to melt it, but she incidentally burns her hands after slipping. Seeing that Ichigo needs a little confidence boost, Mama hands her daughter another chocolate bar in hopes of getting her to try again. This successfully works and Ichigo works to smooth the melting chocolate. 

Then she fills a cute heart shaped mold with the chocolate and pops them into the fridge. 

Later on they take the chocolate hearts out from the mold and each try just one to see how it came out. Mama is happy and stops Ichigo from eating anymore, since they might run out if they get careless. 

Papa, Max, and Ringo are outside playing with a frisbee when Ichigo and Mama come outside. The two call for the guys, and Max to come inside and hand them the heart chocolates they made. While surprised at first, everyone is very happy.



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