During development of Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop, the Let's Shop! Minigame was very different from the final release.

Differences Edit

Late Development Edit

  • The Sorting minigame had instead of a unique old lady, a crude recolor of Grandma. It was likely intended in the minigame to sort the 2 bags, instead of the lady asking which ones.
  • The items to get were initially the produce clipart seen in the intro.

Early Development Edit

In a very early screenshot, many differences are seen.

Let's shop 4
  • A lady with black hair was present, but unused or remoed in the final version.
  • A completely unused or removed store is seen, only with rows of vegtables.
  • It also appears to be no thought bubble was surrounding the produce.

A screenshot of Ichigo holding a tomato shares a few differences.

  • Ichigo has a calm, but happy pose, rather then one with starry eyes.
  • Mama has her normal expression istead of her happy one.

If you look in the top corner, you'll notice that one tomato is obtained, but in the previos screenshot, has a tomato and eggplant.

I got a tomato

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