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Ichigo In Cooking Mama 3:Shop And Chop

Let's Shop! was a new mode released exclusively for Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop. In it, one must guide Ichigo as she retrieves the items on Mama's shopping list.

As she is guided around, she runs into penalities in the forms of Mini-games. If she sucessfully completes them then she may gain an extra "health point" and can keep going, otherwise she may lose one. Running into anything that is NOT a mini-game will result in losing a point, when all are gone then Ichigo is forced to leave the Market.

When hit by something, Ichigo will gain a bubble that keeps her safe for a few seconds.

Ichigo's score is determined by the time taken to complete the list, as well as health remaining.


There are four levels in total. Each adds a new item on the list to collect, as well as makes the level slightly harder. These are the needed items in each level:

  1. 4 Meats
  2. 4 Meats, 3 Eggs
  3. 3 Meats, 3 eggs, 2 fish
  4. 3 Meats, 3 eggs, 3 fish, and 3 mushrooms

Mini GamesEdit

Bargain PricesEdit

The goal of this game is to hit each of the multiple bags flung towards the cart to avoid buying them. If one lands in the cart then a point will be taken off, after all 4 are gone, or the time runs out the minigame ends


Ichigo has to hurry up and eat all of the food that slides towards her without crossing the line. The foods include pudding and sandwiches.

Pick Em up!Edit

Help the poor man by grabbing each of the items that flies by! Place them onto the box below before they cross the line.

Balloon GrabEdit

Help the little boy by grabbing all of the balloons that float up. Then put them onto his finger.

Cheer up the baby!Edit

Make the baby stop crying by shaking the rattles as many times as listed. If a rattle is missed then a point is removed.

Sort the bagsEdit

Help the old woman by placing the bags she asks for into the cart. There are three types in all, gray, pink, and green. If one of the wrong color is put inside then a point is remove.


  • The baby in the minigame resembles the one often shown with/in Babysitting Mama.


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