Let's Help Mama is a mode present in Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit!. Here, the player can do activities around the house to help Mama. There is a total of eight, with one unlocked prior to starting the game.


Feed The FishEdit

A simple activity where the player must feed the fish inside of the bowl. To do this the player must tap the smiley face icons. Each fish can be fed multiple times and for each time fed it will grow in size. While they each a base point, these will double depending on many times it was fed. Fish will not go after food more then three smiles away from it.

The point base is as followed: 

  • Little Pink - 20
  • Round Goldfish - 60
  • Big green Fish - 80
  • (Rare) Clownfish - 100

Tidy Up The SpoolsEdit

In this game, the player must click on each spool of thread to catch it on the moving object.

Help The Baby Birds!Edit

In this game, the player must click the baby birds to help them go back to their nest.

Plant Flowers!Edit

In this game, the player must move left and right to plant the flowers in the flower beds. They must also avoid certain objects like bees or else they will drop the flowers.

Clear Up The Tableware!Edit

In this game, the player must touch the tableware when they reach the mark to clear them up.

Feed The Birds!Edit

In this game, the player must feed the birds that appear in the bird houses.

Put In Jelly Beans!Edit

In this game, the player must put the jelly beans into the jar.

Feed The Kittens!Edit

In this game, the player must feed the kittens. Each kitten will want a different amout of food.


  • The mini game "Tidy up the spools" is based on one of the common mini games in the series.


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