One of the clips/videos/webisodes on Cooking Mama World.



One windy day the family, save for Mama, go outside to fly their kite. Ichigo, Max, and Ringo run ahead of Papa and are forced to wait for him to catch up to them and when he does, they start to run and quickly get the kite up into the air. But when a cross breeze suddenly sends the kite away, they quickly give chase. Upon reaching the ground, Papa picks the kite up and gives it back to the children while explaining what happened. 

The trio all hold the string together this time and are able to fly the kite better now. But Ringo releases the kite after hearing his stomach growl. Papa informs them that Mama is busy preparing the meal for everyone and he decides they can head back. 

As soon as they reach home a mysterious dragon appears. But it is revealed to just be Mama wearing a costume; much to their relief. 

Everyone changes into their fancy kimono outsides for the New Year and sit down for the lovely meal Mama put together. 

Trivia and GoofsEdit

  • Mama and her family celebrate Chinese New Year with a feast.
  • Ringo wears his white kimono with a forest clothing.

When Papa tells the kids what happened, his thumb is blend in with his shirt.


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