This page is for detailing the 12 different bugs one can aqquire in Camping Mama.

Also see: Fish Book

1 StarEdit

  • Small white - A butterfly that lives in the forest.
  • Eastern Pale Clouded Yellow - A Yellow version of the small white
  • Rhino Beetle - A beetle found on forest trees.
  • Large Stag Beetle - Has two horns and is found on forest trees.

2 StarEdit

  • Swallowtail - A pretty black and yellow butterfly
  • Chinese peacock - A mysterious shade of black
  • Atlast Beetle - A rare beetle with three horns
  • Metallic Stag Beetle - A pretty beetle with big, long horns.

3 StarEdit

  • Morpho - A brilliant blue butterfly.
  • Queen Alexandra's Birdwing - A very elusive butterfly
  • Hercules Beetle - A large, elusive beetle. Looks strong!
  • Sawtooth Stag Beetle - A large, rare beetle with huge jaws

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