Ichigo walking



Ichigo is one of Mama's two children. Ringo is her older brother and her father is Papa.

Ichigo first appeared as a cameo in Cooking Mama: Cook Off. She then appeared Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop where she plays the main-character in a minigame mode where Mama sends her to the store to retrieve some items. Ichigo has also appeared in Babysitting Mama, where she warns Mama about rain and other mishaps. 

Ichigo also became one of two playable characters in Camping Mama.


As a young girl, Ichigo is fairly innocent and curious. She is sweet and shares her mothers passionate personality. She always gives 100% but she is quick to give up or feel discouraged if things don't go well.

At times she can be fairly clumsy, but she is also creative and is always willing to try. She loves her family but can be competitive with Ringo.


Ichigo is a short little girl with the same eyes as the rest of her family and light skin. She has Mama's hair color and bangs, but her hair is worn long and usually with no accessories. She is noseless like many other characters.

Her main appearance wears a yellow long sleeved shirt with a strawberry on the right corner side, jeans, and light colored shoes under a frilly light red apron.

In Camping Mama, Ichigo pulled her hair into pigtails held with strawberry hairclips. Her outfit consists of a rose top with a strawberry on it, underneath a yellow vest. Along with a jean skirt over black leggings, short white socks, and red and yellow shoes. On each wrist she wears rose-colored wristbands. 


"Boo~ Mama, I made a mess!"

"Oh~ Mama, is everything alright?"

"Boo~ Mama, I can't find what I'm looking for!"

"Oh~ Mama, did you find it?"

"Mama~, get it for me!"

"Oh~ Mama, did you get it?"

"Yay~ Mama, you great!"

"Oh~ Yes!"

"Boo~ Too bad!"

"Boo~ No fair!"


"No~ Mama, It's going to overflow!"

"Ooh~ Mama, It looks like rain!"

"Oh~ What will Ichi do?"


  • Ichigo is the Japanese word for strawberry.
    • In some things, she is given the nickname Ichi.
  • Ichigo carries a pink tote which she uses to go to the supermarket with.