One of the online videos one can watch on Cooking Mama World.



Ichigo tries to make a necklace without the help of Mama. But will Max let her work in peace?


The clip begins as Mama is busy working on a pretty piece of jewelry. Ichigo comes by and is suddenly inspired to make something of her own, so when evening arrives she returns to swipe the jar Mama kept all of her beads in. Then she runs back off to her bedroom. 

There she begins to work. She pulls on some of the wire, unaware of Max intently staring at it until he grabs it and begins to run around the room with it. 

After everything, including Ichigo, is covered, she and Max try again. She takes out some of the gem-like beads and gets an idea to decorate Max's hat that he wears. She places a bunch all over the bottom, then resumes work on the accessory for Mama. But she accidentally puts too many things on the necklace, causing it to snap. 

However, Ichigo tries again and she manages to put something nice together. But as she goes to bend the end piece just a bit to shut the jewelry together, it breaks, causing everything to fall off. Defeated, Ichigo decides to try a final time and she manages to shut it. Happily Ichigo holds up her newly made necklace and she goes to Mama, who is in the kitchen. She shows her what she made and hands it over, which makes Mama very happy. 


  • It is shown in this episode that Mama isn't the only one in her family to pose with the sparkly eye or flame animations. 
  • In a scene were Ichigo gets angry, the "Flame eye" animation is different than usual. The flames go Center, then left, then right. This is because Cooking Mama Ltd. changed the "Flame eye" animation. This is also the first time a whole song plays.


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