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Hamburger stewed in tomato sauce

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The hamburger stewed in tomato sauce is a recipe that first appears in Cooking Mama.


A simple hamburger/meat dish that has been stewed in a soupy tomato sauce.


  1. Slice an onion!
  2. Slice!
  3. Topaz!
  4. Melt the butter!
  5. Pan fry!
  6. Buster
  7. Simple?
  8. Knead!
  9. Make Shape! (Special)
  10. Pan fry!


  • Simon
  • Butter
  • Meat
  • Tomato


  • Hamburger Stewed in Tomato Sauce and French Fries are the only meals in Cooking Mama Lite which can be download for free.
  • In Cooking Mama Lite, the Pan Fry stage DOES exist, in the latest update.
  • This is the only meal that contains the step "Make Shape!"
  • This is the only meal that in Pan fry! (Last) step you have "Close With Lid" and "Add" with a Tomato sauce.


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