Grape Bread is one of the recipes appearing in Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit!.


A bread recipe in the shape of a grape bunch using home-made raisins.

Cooking Mama 5Edit


  1. Pick them off the stem!
  2. Wash it!
  3. Sun dry them!
  4. Sift it!
  5. Pour while mixing!
  6. Knead the dough!
  7. Let the dough ferment!
  8. Let the gas out!
  9. Roll it with your hands!
  10. Cut it with the scraper!
  11. Shape it like grapes!
  12. Bake in the oven!


  • Grapes
  • Enriched Flour
  • Yeast
  • Milk
  • Whipped Egg
  • Water


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