A Clip/video/webisode on Cooking Mama World.



Ichigo tries to help Mama in the backyard but finds it hard when dealing with the cold weather.


Ichigo stares outside of the window one frosty, winters day. She is pretty chilly but mostly all of the snow has melted by now. While shivering she spots Mama and watches her plant a bunch of seeds, tending to their empty garden area in the backyard. She puts on a scarf and goes to see Mama, still pretty cold. 

After she watches she decides to help out. But after she picks up a pack of seeds, she tries to plant the mixture of flowers, only for a chilly breeze to blow by. She runs back inside and curls up with a warm blanket and drink, as well as some hot food. However, the warmth makes her very drowsy and she drifts off to sleep. 

While snoozing, Ichigo thinks about the beautiful flowers that will start to sprout during the Spring. But they all suddenly begin to vanish, right before her eyes. While she stares in shock, trying to determine what happened she awakens from the dream. Now full of remorse, Ichigo decides that she can't give up and puts on whatever she can find to keep her warm before running outside again. 

She spends the day planting many sorts of seeds throughout the garden. A few days later she wakes up one morning and smiles upon seeing many sproutlings from the seeds as they begin to pop out of the ground. 



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