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A popular series, Cooking Mama has produced several appetising delights for the fans over the years.

Hand Held Main MamaEdit

Cooking MamaEdit

The very first Cooking Mama game released on DS. It was released in Japan on March 23rd, 2006 and September 12th in English. It lacked the future installment features; such as customizing Mama or unlocking trophies. The modes included were:

  • Let's Cook: A simple, easy, mini-game mode where the player must do as Mama instructs.
  • Let's Combine: Pick two dishes to make a brand new one.
  • Use Skill: Mini-game's of each activity, like chopping, peeling, cutting, and so on.

Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with FriendsEdit

The third Cooking Mama game in the series, though second for Hand Held versions. In America is was released exactly 2 days before the Japanese version. The customization and trophies aspect came into play here for the first time in hand held games.

This game introduced several of Mama's friends and family, along with the feature to decorate recipes with stickers in a special album.

Modes Include:

  • Let's Cook: Same as previous.
  • Challange Mode: A harder version of Let's Cook where the player cannot make any major mistakes or else they automatically fail and must start all over.
  • Cooking Contest Mode: The player can compete with friends over wireless multiplayer with up to 4 friends.

Cooking Mama 3: Shop & ChopEdit

The third Cooking Mama on DS, the fourth game in total. Released in 2009, Shop & Shop introduced a new fun minigame feature allowing the player to visit the supermarket as Ichigo.

Modes Included:

  • Cook with Mama
  • Cooking Contest
  • Let's Shop
  • Let's Cook
  • Let's Match

Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen MagicEdit

Released in 2011 shortly after Camping Mama, it was the first game to be put onto the 3DS. As a preorder it came with an adorable Mama Plush.

Modes and features Include:

  • Plenty of fun recipes
  • Combine recipes to cook or play special minigames
  • Let's Help!, a mode that lets a player play special non-cooking related minigames
  • Let's Play Together: Multiplayer wireless mode
  • Mama's Gallery, which allows the player to change objects colors, Mama's appearance, or a special room.

Cooking Mama 5Edit

Released on November 21st, 2013 in Japan, and September 16th, 2014 in the USA. It comes with 60+ recipes and 30 new activities that involve shopping and house work. The player can earn items through SpotPass to customize gameplay, and the game makes use of the 3DS features like 4 did.

The modes included are:

  • Let's Cook: The basic mode in game. Create recipes step-by-step.
  • Cooking Dojo: Earn medals in timed challenges.
  • Help The Store: Work the register and play waitress at Mama's Burger Shop.
  • Help Harvest: Gather recipe ingredients before you cook.
  • Let's Help Mama: Assist Mama around the house.
  • Let's Study: Number and word games.

Hand Held Spin-OffsEdit

Gardening MamaEdit

Released in March 2009 for the DS, this game allowed Players to plant flowers and tend to their Garden with Mama. It was very basic and the Mini-Games were limited, with the plants requiring a lot of attention to bloom and was set to match real time.

Crafting MamaEdit

Released October 2010 for DS. The Player made various crafts and items while playing mini games.

Camping MamaEdit

Go Camping with Mama and the family in this wild, outdoors adventure. You can explore, make meals, decorate the camp sight and much more. You also have the choice to play as Ringo, Mama's exciteful son, or Ichigo, her cute daughter.

Gardening Mama 2Edit

Released in April 2014, the sequal to Gardening Mama. Here the player is tasked with raising their garden to help the new shop owners by giving them the required items, along with aiding Mama's family and friends with their own gardens. In doing so, the player will earn tickets to purchase garden items and gain new seeds.


Cooking Mama: Cook OffEdit

Released in 2007, it was the second Cooking Mama game released and the first on Console. Like the original DS game, it was basic and simple, but featured different recipes as to show-off the systems mechanics.


  • Over 50 recipes and 300 ingrediants in total
  • National flags as a symbol to provide where the recipe comes from.
  • Three new modes: Friends, in which the player battles against the foreign friend in a cook-off. Foods of the World Mode, and Friends and Food in which the player battles head-to-head against someone in multiplayer mode.

Cooking Mama: World KitchenEdit

The second wii game released for the series. In this game the player is seen as a small child and can be customized by the Player. Plays like the first Wii Game but with better controls and special features, such as:

  • Cel-shaded 3D art
  • Multiple Cooking Contest modes: Co-Op, Solo Challange, and Take Mama On, in which the player can actually battle Mama.
  • New recipes
  • Mistake fixing mini-games in which Mama or the Player must stop Max from eating the dish or getting in the way.

Console SpinoffsEdit

Babysitting MamaEdit

Help Mama babysit a group of adorable babies in this cuddly spin-off.


Cooking Mama SeasonsEdit

Produced for the iPhone, Seasons allows the player to make their own dishes. Some of them were featured from the first game, while others got there start with this game. The player could also view their album and collect cards to decorate. 

Cooking Mama: Friends CafeEdit

A facebook game where users can make recipes with the items they earn or purchase with the use of real money. Each recipe includes one or two steps needed to make it, and with them the player can open their own cafe, where other users and NPC's appear to get items.

As of March 23, 2013 the game has been shut down.

Cooking Mama Lets Cook!Edit

Another Cooking Mama produced for iPhone, Android, and the like. Like Seasons it allows the Player to cook a variety of recipies, with several unlockable through means of purchase. The Player can also purchase various items to customize Mama, the scenery, cooking stations, and utensils.

Cooking Mama Lets Cook PuzzleEdit

A puzzle game similar to Disney TsumTsum, the Player must connect various ingrediants to make items and feed customers at the store. Produced for Phones and Android devices.


  • The series popularity has led to a "knock-off" game known as "Science Papa". While using the same art style it has nothing to do with Cooking Mama.


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