Fried Egg is a dish that was introduced in Cooking Mama. It's one of the easier recipes in the Cooking Mama series.


A fried egg is one of the more common and easy preparation of making eggs for breakfast or a light snack. Fried eggs are fairly simple and only require a frying pan and grease or water. They can also be made together with a huge variety of ingredients.

Cooking MamaEdit

In this game, this recipe is referred as Egg Sunny-Side Up


  1. Melt the butter!
  2. Break an egg!
  3. Fry sunny side up!


  • Butter
  • Egg
  • Water

Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen MagicEdit


  1. Fry the egg!


  • Egg
  • Water
  • Served with broccoli

Camping MamaEdit

  1. Touch and move the eggs on the frying pan to crack them
  2. Move into the pan



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