Flounder Boiled in Sweetened Soy Sauce is a dish made in Cooking Mama: World Kitchen.


This recipe is based off of karei no nitsuke, loosely translating as "boiled flatfish". There is no particular set recipe, but flatfish such as flounders are boiled and simmered in a soy sauce-based broth that is sweetened with sugar. The use of sake (cooking wine) and ginger are also appropriate and as such, are included for the recipe in Cooking Mama: World Kitchen.

Cooking Mama: World Kitchen


  1. Clean the flounder!
  2. Grate it with the grater!
  3. Boil it!


  • Flounder
  • Ginger
  • Cooking Wine (sake)
  • Soy Sauce
  • Sugar
  • Decorated with nanten (heavenly bamboo) leaves


  • For unknown reasons, the Japanese version of the game mislabels the cooking wine as rice wine. However, the model used is still correct, and this mistake was corrected in the American localization.