Emma is one of the female babies in Babysitting Mama. She is the fourth baby the player will get to play with. Emma is only featured in this game, but she has also made few cameo appearances in some of  Cooking Mama World photos.
Emma 3


Emma is voiced by Ryoko Ono.


Emma is the fussiest baby in Babysitting Mama and is often shown with a displeased expression or almost catty smirk. But she is often quick to giggle or smile, though it may not last very long. When she is not seen making a scary, angered face Emma she can often be found also making a curious expression. She seems to like the color pink and cats/animals.


Emma seems to be American, with fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, but she is actually from Russia. Though it's also possible she has a different nationality. She has semi-messy, light blonde hair covering her head and worn with a pink and white bow resembling a cloth pattern on the left-side. Her eyes are bright blue and she has plain brown eyebrows. She wears a pink jumpsuit with a dark pink button on the upper-front with a pink medium size sleeved shirt with a hood, which has cat ears on it.


  • emma eye anginst william when babysitting mama
  • Besides Koyuki she the only baby who has a scary face when she angry


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