Croquembouche is a recipe introduced in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop.

Info Edit

A large-event dessert made by stacking balls of choux pastry into a cone that is bound with caramel. Cream puffs are frequently used for this dish.

Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop Edit

Recipe Edit

  1. Squeeze it!
  2. Set the oven!
  3. Add the custard!
  4. Stack them up!
  5. Decorate it!

Ingredients Edit

  • Choux Pastry Dough
  • Custard
  • Decorations
    • Strawberry
    • Yellow Star Cookie
    • Red Heart
    • Pink Bow
    • Blue Music Note
    • Smiley Face
    • Blue Butterfly Wings
    • Pink Flower
    • Orange Flower
    • Mint Sprig
  • Top Decoration
    • Yellow Star Cookie
    • Mama and Papa Figurine
    • Blue Bow
    • Pink Heart
    • Red Rose

Gallery Edit

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