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Cream Puffs is a dish introduced in Cooking Mama: Cook Off.


A cream puff, also known as a profiterole, is an airy puffed dough piped with a bun shape. Cream puffs are made from choux pastry, a moist dough also used in éclairs and churros. Usually one can find cream or any other fillings inside. In Cooking Mama: Cook Off, it is filled with pastry cream, a custard base with a starch to create a creamy texture, while in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop, it is filled with whipped cream.

Its appearance and recipe in Cooking Mama 2 is radically different, and should not be considered the same as a profiterole to anyone.

Cooking Mama: Cook OffEdit


  1. Crack an egg!
  2. Stew!
  3. Stir!
  4. Squeeze!
  5. Bake in the oven!
  6. Cut up into pieces!
  7. Remove the yolk!
  8. Add ingredients!
  9. Stir!
  10. Stew!
  11. Add cream!


  • Egg
  • Cream
  • Salt
  • Butter
  • Cake Flour
  • Milk
  • Custard Powder
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Garnished with berries (strawberry, blueberry, red currant)

Cooking Mama 2Edit


  1. Add ingredients
  2. Mix
  3. Boil
  4. Add ingredients
  5. Knead
  6. Knead
  7. Rise the dough
  8. Fold in three
  9. Spread by hand
  10. Slice
  11. Roll out the dough
  12. Make the swiss roll
  13. Spread it on with a brush
  14. Bake


  • Custard Powder
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • White Flour
  • Cream
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Salt
  • Hot Water
  • Yeast
  • Butter

Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop Edit

Recipes Edit

  1. Sift it!
  2. Boil it!
  3. Pour while mixing!
  4. Squeeze it!
  5. Set the oven!
  6. Cut it in half!
  7. Squeeze out the whipped cream!


  • White Flour
  • Water
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Whipped Egg
  • Whipped Cream



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