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Welcome to the Cooking Mama Wiki, the official Cooking Mama resource.

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Mama Will Help You!
In this wikia, Mama and the other users will fill you full with plenty of information, pictures, game help, and so much more! You'll find information regarding characters, games, mini-games, and basically everything that is featured in Cooking Mama series and other spin-offs, even some recipes or information on the ingredients used in each game.

Let's all create the perfect recipe and help Mama by making this wiki a fun place!

Recipes & Rules

Make sure to follow each one accordingly...

1. Respect your fellow members.
2. Please do not spam the wiki or flame it or other members.
3. Do not upload adult content that may not be suitable for anyone younger than 18, this wiki should be all age friendly.
4. Do not add fanon based content or facts that may not be true
5. Please make sure to use your best grammar

Table of Contents

Dish of the Week!

Squid Grilled in Butter


What type of Game do you want to see next?

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