Cooking Mama Let's Cook Puzzle 
  • Genre - Cooking Puzzle Action 
  • Release - 18 Feb 2016 
  • Price - FREE(supports in-app-purchases) 
  • OS - iOS 7.0-・Android™ 4.0.3-

Cooking mama puzzle app small
Highly popular cooking game "Cooking Mama" is back again as a puzzle game!

The rules are simple! Connect 3 or more Foo-Don (ingredient characters), then tap them to make the dish!

Tap and hold connected Foo-Don and they'll stick together, turning into a jumbo Foo-Don!

Make a dish from jumbo Foo-Don to earn tons more points!

From time to time, Papa and special guests will show up to try your food! There are lots of fun events, including chances to receive some great rewards!

Foo-Dons and Skills (Original Foo-Dons)

Foo Don Nick-Don Che-Don Ebi-Don Berry-Don Q-Don Pan-don
Skill the dish gets powered up tap foo-don to make dishes Mama helps out Time freezes Idential foo-don stick together Golden Spice appears

Foo-Dons and Skills (Secondary Unlocked Foo-Dons)

Foo Don Marsh-Don Aorin-don So-Don Toumoro-don Sake-Don Take-Don
Skill Golden Spice Appears Time Freezes Time Freezes Tap Foo-Don to make dishes Mama helps out Tap Foo-Don to make dishes
When/How Sweet Shop Lv3 Quest Italian Restaurant Lv3 Quest Cafe Lv3 Quest Diner Lv3 Quest Sushi Bar Lv3 Quest Chinese Restaurant Lv3 Quest

Foo Don



Lettu-Don Magu-Don



Skill Mama helps out The dish gets powered up Idential foo-don stick together The dish gets powered up Time freezes Identical Foo-don stick together
When/How Italian Restaurant Lv5 Quest Sweet Shop Lv5 Quest Cafe Lv5 Quest Sushi Bar Lv5 Quest Chinese Restaurant Lv3 Quest Diner Lv3 Quest

Foo Don

Ngo-Don Komugi-Don Tokita-Don Komo-Don to be unlocked
Skill Mama helps out Golden Spice appears Tap Foo-Don to make dishes Golden Spice appears
When/How Sweet Shop Lv7 Quest Cafe Lv7 Quest Sushi Bar Lv Quest


Recipe Salisbury Steak Barbecue Steak

Caprese Salad

Cheese Risotto


Foo-Don Amount Nick-Don X3 Nick-Don X10 Nick-Don X30 Che-Don X3 Che-Don X10 Che-Don X30

Thick Sushi Rolls

Mixed Pickles

Cumber Rolls

Seafood Stir-Fry

Shrimp Fried Rice

Chili Shrimp

Foo-Don Amount Q-Don X30 Q-Don X3 Q-Don X10 Ebi-Don X3 Ebi-Don X10 Ebi-Don X30


Rare Cheesecake


Toast & Jam

Egg Sandwich

Club Sandwich

Foo-Don Amount Berry-Don X3 Berry-Don X10 Berry-Don X30 Pan-Don x3 Pan-Don x10 Pan-Don x30
Recipe Cookie Sandwich Marshmallow Toast Marshmallow Cupcakes

Baked Apple

Apple Cake

Apple Tart

Foo-Don Amount Marsh-Don X3 Marsh-Don X10 Marsh-Don X30 Aorin-Don X3 Aorin-Don X10 Aorin-Don X30
Recipe Soda Jelly Icecream Float Jelly Ring

Corn Soup


Corn Saute

Foo-Don Amount So-Don X3 So-Don X10 So-Don X30 Tourmoro-Don X3 Tourmoro-Don X10 Tourmoro-Don X30


Sushi (Salmon)

Salmon Tea Cake

California Rolls

Bamboo Shoots Chop Suey Chinese Stir-fry
Foo-Don Amount Sake-Don X3 Sake-Don X10 Sake-Don X30 OR Komo-Don x3 Take-Don X3 Take-Don X10 Take-Don X30
Recipe Spaghetti Carbonara Tagliatelle Bolognese Squid Ink Spaghetti

Strawberry Sherbet

Strawberry Mousse Strawberry Cake
Foo-Don Amount Pasta-Don X3 Pasta-Don X10 Pasta-Don X30 Ichi-Don X3 Ichi-Don X3 Ichi-Don X3


Salad Bacon sandwich Lettuce Sandwich Tuna Rolls Sushi (Tuna) Seafood Rice Bowl
Foo-Don Amount Lettu-Don X3 Lettu-Don X30 Lettu-Don X3 Magu-Don X3 Magu-Don X10 Magu-Don X30



Quiche Creamy Pasta Grilled Eggplant Mapo Eggplant Eggplant Stir-fry
Foo-Don Amount Houren-Don x3 Houren-Don x10 Houren-Don x30 Nasu-Don x3 Nasu-Don x10 Nasu-Don x30


Lasagne Penne Ravioli Mango Pudding Snowball Mango Tart
Foo-Don Amount Komugi-Don x30 Komugi-Don x10 Komugi-Don x3 Ngo-Don x3 Ngo-Don x10 Ngo-Don x30


French Fries Hot Dog Mustard Saute Fried Tofu Sushi Rice Balls
Foo-Don Amount Tokita-don x3 Tokita-don x3 Tokita-don x3 Komo-Don x3 Komo-Don x10


Diner Ichigo Ringo Grandma Grandpa Chika Takuya Ayaka
Fav. Recipe Ichi-Don Q-Don Nasu-Don Sake-Don Berry-Don Tourmoro-Don Houren-Don



David Kate Ivan
Fav. Recipe Q-Don Nin-Don Berry-Don Sake-Don


Foo-Don shop


Durio-Don Mushroom-Don Macha-Don Blackberry-Don
Price 200,000 120,000 70,000 30,000
Skill turns the foo-don into same type The biggest clump of foo-dons will get bigger Changes the foo-don in the center into a dish Touch a foo-don to make a dish with it and those around it.