Cooking Mama Let's Cook! is a recent Cooking Mama series App Game released by Office Create Corp. on May 12, 2015, being downloaded and played by over 30 million users worldwide.


  • Unlock special Seasonal items and Recipes.
  • Feed Papa recipes to earn Coins.
  • Collect Coins to replay a mini-game or spend them playing Daily Challenges.
  • Play the game daily for a week to earn a new Recipe.
  • Objects, Items, Recipes, and more can be purchased with real money.
  • Unlock Achievements through various means.


  • Let's Cook!
    • Make: Choose either "Family Chef" for Easy, "Veteran Chef" for Medium, and "Special Chef" for Hard.
    • Combine: Pick two recipes to combine into something new.
    • Cooking Dojo: Complete a recipe in a fast paced, one try only. Doing well can net you trophies.
    • Practice: Choose one of the steps to work on before Making It.
    • Look: Observe the finished recipe.
    • Treat Others: Eat the recipe and gain Game Coins.
    • Deco Stamp: Decorate a recipe through use of coloring objects, stickers, or various other features.
  • Requests from Papa!: Complete objectives to gain special rewards.
  • Recipe Shop!: Purchase recipe packs to gain new recipes.
  • Recipe Rental: Lend and share recipe packs to other friends via Facebook.
  • Enjoy the Challenge!: Challenge yourself to time limit games and earn the highest score.
  • Happy Restaurant!: Obtain ingredients from making recipes and run your own restaurant.
  • Change Design!: Spruce up designs with items you have gained or purchased.
  • Item Store!: Collect Game Coins and use them to purchase outfits, accessories, challenges, and puzzles.
  • Mama's Theater!: Pay Game Coins to view episodes from Cooking Mama World.
  • Cooking Video!: Watch step-by-step cooking videos with ingredient list and instructions.


These recipes are either obtained by: default or by purchases. Other options include playing daily (7 days for each recipe), or completing Daily Challenges, labelled under as Bonus. There are 4 recipes that can be obtained through Facebook by inviting your friends to download a copy of the game. All subsequent lists after Starter Recipes requires purchases before further unlocking requirements. Purchasing packs will build up a counter that lets you earn more Game Coins.

Starter Recipes

Bonus Recipes

Recipe Packs

These packs are where you will get most additional recipes. There are 5 packs that each give 6 recipes, as well as two bonus recipes, and a bonus item set.

Recipe Pack 1

Bonus Recipes

Recipe Pack 2

Bonus Recipes

Recipe Pack 3

Bonus Recipes

Recipe Pack 4

Bonus Recipes

Recipe Pack 5

Bonus Recipes

Seasonal Packs

Seasonal Packs are themed around several holidays/celebratory events throughout the year. Each pack contains two recipes and a seasonal set including stickers, hat, clothing, Mama Pad, counter, wallpaper, and clock.

Halloween Pack

Christmas Pack

New Year Pack

Valentine Pack

Easter Pack

Mother's Day Pack

Father's Day Pack

Summer Festival Pack

Invitation Recipe Pack

Early builds of the game require you to obtain these recipes via Facebook invitations. Each recipe would be unlocked sequentially as you invite more friends. However, as of December 2016, they can be purchased as a pack without interacting with Facebook. Please note that you will still have to pay the total amount for the pack even if some are already obtained.

Mini Packs

Mini Packs appear to be themed on cultural foods around the world. Each pack contains two recipes and costs the same as Seasonal Packs.

Japan Mini Pack 1

Happy Restaurant Recipes

Happy Restaurant recipes are obtained through playing the Happy Restaurant mode. These recipes will be rewarded after reaching a certain level.

Changeable Features

For Purchase the Player can change several features in the game. These include:

Seasonal Sets

Already unlocked, the Player can change the background and screen shift to fit any season of their choosing. This includes Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Summer Festival.

For purchase, when the Player completes the two season recipes they gain a special ornament Mama will interact with.

Mama's Attire

The Player can choose between a plain, gingham, or striped apron, along with a dotted, gingham, or striped kerchief. The Aprons come in: Yellow (starter), Green, Blue, Pink, Purple and Black, while her kerchief come in: Pink (starter), Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Black.

Additional clothing can be purchased with Game Coins and includes hair accessories, outfits, earrings, necklaces, and rings:

  • Hair Accessory 1: A red polka dot headband that can also come in: Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Pink
  • Hair Accessory 2: A headband with black cat ears and yellow bows. The headband can also come in: White ears/red bows, Blue ears/white bows, Yellow ears/black bows, Gray ears/green bows, and Pink ears/blue bows
  • Hair Accessory 3: A white frilled headpiece that can also come in: Green, Red, Black, Brown, and Yellow
  • Hair Accessory 4: A headband studded with pink flowers that can also come in: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Purple
  • Hair Accessory 5: An orange headband with a bow. The headband can also come in: Blue, Pink, Green, Red, and Purple
  • Hair Accessory 6: A pair of red sunglasses that can also come in: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Purple
  • Outfit 1: A white blouse with dark vest, flats, and red dress, based off the dirndl. The dress can also come in: Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Pink
  • Outfit 2: A Japanese ensemble with dark hakama, zōri, and a red-white yabane-patterned kosode. The kosode can also come in: Green-white mist-patterned, Blue seigaiha-patterned, Yellow kikkō-patterned, Purple circle-patterned, and Pink sakura-patterned
  • Outfit 3: A white chef's uniform with green neckerchief and apron. These components can also come in: Red, Black, Blue, Brown, and Yellow
  • Outfit 4: A Chinese ensemble with dark pants, flats, and a red gold-trimmed suit with white sleeves. The suit can also come in: Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, and Pink
  • Outfit 5: A blue cheerleader outfit with white accents. The outfit can also come in: Orange, Pink, Green, Red, and Purple
  • Outfit 6: A Hawaiian ensemble with khaki shorts, and blue aloha shirt and sandals. These components can also come in: Pink, Yellow, Red, Green, and Purple
  • Earrings 1: Yellow flower buds earrings
  • Earrings 2: Purple fans earrings
  • Earrings 3: Kiwi slices earrings
  • Earrings 4: Paw pads earrings
  • Earrings 5: Pearl earrings
  • Necklace 1: Red rose necklace held by green stem
  • Necklace 2: Kusudama party ball necklace
  • Necklace 3: Halved apple necklace
  • Necklace 4: Tiger necklace
  • Necklace 5: Gem studded necklace
  • Ring 1: Sunflower ring
  • Ring 2: Purple butterfly ring
  • Ring 3: Strawberry ring
  • Ring 4: Panda ring
  • Ring 5: Gemstone ring


Mama's hair can start as Orange or Pink, but the player can also purchase: Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Red, Purple, White, and Gray. Additional hairstyles can be purchased with Game Coins.

  • Hairstyle 1: Orange pigtails with bangs. Can also come in: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Red, Purple, White, and Gray
  • Hairstyle 2: Orange bob cut. Can also come in: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Red, Purple, White, and Gray
  • Hairstyle 3: Orange slicked back hair. Can also come in: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Red, Purple, White, and Gray
  • Hairstyle 4: Orange hair in "ox horns" style. Can also come in: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Red, Purple, White, and Gray
  • Hairstyle 5: Orange hair in "twin-tails" style. Can also come in: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Red, Purple, White, and Gray


  • Pan - Blue (starter), Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Metallic, and White.
  • Pot - Red (starter), Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Metallic, and White.
  • Knife - Red (starter), Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Black, and White.
  • Cutting Board - Blue (starter), Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, White, and Red.
  • Bowl - Green (starter), Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White, Metallic, and Orange.
  • Mat - Pink Gingham (starter), Blue Striped, Yellow with Lemons, Green with Hexagrams, Purple with Eggplants, White with Hearts, Black with Hearts, Orange with Stars.


  • Fridge - Blue (starter), Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, White, and Black.
  • Hand Mixer - White (starter), Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, and Metallic.
  • Stand Mixer - Yellow (starter), Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White, and Black.
  • Grinder - Yellow (starter), Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White, and Black.
  • Pasta Machine - Blue (starter), Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Black.
  • Oven - Blue (starter), Red, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, White, and Black.


  • White with accents of Light Blue, Gold, and Pink (starter)
  • White with a Black/Pale Blue accents and a Wooden flattop
  • Brick styled counter with White and Pale Green accents
  • White and Light Blue striped base, Light Blue flattop with Purple and Pink accents
  • Golden counter with a Black flattop
  • Counter with multicolored accents and a striped base
  • Dark Blue base with Orange accents (Halloween)
  • Beige striped base with Green flattop and Red/Gold accents (Christmas)
  • Beige and Black base with Red flattop and oriental decor (New Year)
  • Pink and Brown base with White flattop and brick layered edge (Valentine)
  • A Earth colored base with Green accents and Purple flattop (Easter)
  • Pink and Yellow base with carnation decor (Mother's Day)
  • Light Brown base with multicolored top (Father's Day)
  • Wooden base with a motif of goldfish scooping (Summer Festival)


  • Kitchen (automatic)
  • Holiday variations (automatic)


  • A white and gold floral plate with blue spoon hand (starter)
  • A sun model with clouds and a star hand
  • A watermelon clock with a spork hand
  • A cake based clock with strawberries and a leaf hand
  • A gem encrusted clock with a prism hand
  • A doughnut styled clock with a icing dipped hand
  • A jack o' lantern clock with vine decor and a flower hand (Halloween)
  • A holiday wreath clock with a peppermint candy hand (Christmas)
  • A clock inspired by the design of Daruma dolls (New Year)
  • A cookie based clock with heart shaped decor and hand (Valentine)
  • A clock with an Easter egg design, flower decor and an oblong hand (Easter)
  • A clock with the face of a red carnation (Mother's Day)
  • A beige clock with a brown and yellow striped rim (Father's Day)
  • A clock with a taiko drum motif (Summer Festival)

Mama Pad

  • White (starter)
  • Sky Blue (starter)
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Orange and Black (Halloween)
  • Red and Green (Christmas)
  • Black and Gold (New Year)
  • Brown and Pink (Valentine)
  • White and Pink (Easter)
  • Pink and Blue with Polka Dots (Mother's Day)
  • Beige and Light Green (Father's Day)
  • Red and Light Green (Summer Festival)

Recipe Shop

Here, the player can use real Money to unlock items and recipes. Occasionally, some recipe packs can be found at a discount price and can be purchased at a lower price.

  • Recipe Pack 1-5: $3.99 each
  • For all 5 packs: $15.99
  • Seasonal Packs: $0.99
  • Invitation Recipe Pack: $1.99
  • Mini Pack: $0.99


  • This is the first game allowing the Player to change Mama's hair color.


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