In Cooking Mama Let's Cook!, there is a feature that lets you combine two recipes into a new dish. The game will take 3 steps from each recipe to continue the 6-step format and will mesh in the models of these recipes in the final product. With 78 recipes confirmed so far, this means that there are currently 3,003 combinations total.

Both recipes must be completed once individually before they can be combined. If one recipe has unlocked more difficulty options than the other, then the combined recipe will assume the highest difficulty levels possible from the recipe selected first.

Images posted below will contain a compatibility rating in black hearts, which will determine the score when serving if completed normally. Completing the recipe perfectly (dictated by 3 stars) on a certain difficulty will raise the score by one heart: Easy mode will give 1 heart, Medium mode will give 2, and Hard mode will guarantee a perfect rating with 3 hearts.