Cooking Mama Burger Shop is a Facebook game crated in 2016 for Messenger, where you have to cook and build burgers for customers as they order.

There is an average time limit of 60 seconds. Scoring through the game, as well as speed and power-ups affect the amount of time you have in the game before the timer ends.


  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cheese
  • Onion


  • Coffee
  • Orange
  • Lime


Hipster Boy is a customer. He has the same amount of patience that Fat Man has, and usually is very minimal in every order he makes.

VIP Customer is a customer who's patience is very low, and his choices vary from very complex to very extreme. He is extremely abusive towards the player and if a player gets his order, or other customer's order wrong, he will attack the player's view by running around and making dog panting noises.

Celebrity Woman is a customer who resembles a rich woman. She is the most impatient out of all of the customers, and will even go to extreme measures and will instantly leave if the player takes too long.

Overweight Man is the hardest customer to serve. He is very overweight than all of the customers, and has the same amount of patience as the hiptser boy. He must be served 3 meals before he is satisfied completely.


  • The celebrity woman is the only customer that kisses the screen when the player is done.
  • The VIP Customer can be seen as the most abusive character in the game, since he will run around and swear in the character's face if they do anything wrong.
  • This is currently the only playable Cooking Mama game on Facebook, as Cooking Mama Friends Cafe was long discontinued.
  • Using minimal amount of items can be essential for higher scores if moving fast enough.

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