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Novenber 15th, 2011



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Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic is the 4th installment in the Mama franchise. This game is the first Cooking Mama game to be released on the Nintendo 3DS family. Cooking Mama Kitchen Magic was released on November 15th, 2011, and those who pre-ordered the game receives a Mama plush.[1]

This game makes a use of the gyroscope in the system, allowing wonderful and stunning effects when performing certain actions along with brand new 3D animations.


Let's Cook

The basic mode present in all of the Cooking Mama games. The player can practice their skills and cook alongside Mama. Whenever you are cooking a recipe, if you mess up on a step, you are given the option to quit via pausing before the results come up. Doing so will not lose your progress, and you are able to redo the step without having to restart from the beginning. 

Due to the innovations of the 3DS system, this game provides new ways to play besides using the stylus. Some of the steps may include a magnifying glass that indicates that there is another way to play that step. Besides completing all recipes with a gold medal, finding all the ways by inputting new actions onto the steps is also available as an achievement option. The actions that are used in this game are moving the Circle Pad, moving the screen in a certain direction, pressing the L and/or R Button, and blowing on the Microphone.  

Let's Combine

A special mode reworked from its original appearance in the first Cooking Mama. The player picks one out of eight core dishes (Pizza, Curry, Pancakes, Spaghetti, Toast, Soba, Udon, or Rice) and choose one of the remaining 52 combining recipes to create a new dish. This means that there are a total of 416 combinations possible. The player can make the dish by playing a singular, specific step to combine the two together. There is also a Challenge Mode that has you complete all the steps of the combining recipe before putting it together with the core dish. However, if the player messes up too badly, the entire dish is ruined and quitting during a step will lose your progress and forces you to remake it from the beginning. 

Let's Help

A new mode where the player can help Mama and Ichigo around the house. Further down is a list of the minigames featured in this mode. 

Let's Play Together

A Multiplayer mode where the players of the game can connect online to play together. 

Besides the four modes, the player can change features in their game under the Mama's Gallery 


  1. Salisbury Steak
  2. Corn Dog
  3. Abalone Steak
  4. Grilled Shrimp
  5. Marron Glace
  6. Umeboshi
  7. Dried Persimmon
  8. Toast With Jam
  9. Popsicle
  10. Pancakes
  11. Natto
  12. Chocolate Cornet
  13. Cherry Pie
  14. Snowball
  15. Squid Ink Spaghetti
  16. Popcorn
  17. Scallop Carpaccio
  18. Avocado Gratin
  19. Lamb Chops
  20. Sandwich
  21. Sushi
  22. Rice
  23. Gyoza
  24. Pizza
  25. Udon
  26. Yakitori
  27. Takoyaki
  28. French Beef Stew
  29. Boston Clam Chowder
  30. Azuki Bean Soup
  31. Crab Rangoon
  32. Soba
  33. Shumai
  34. Baked Apple
  35. Hot Dog
  36. Grilled Corn
  37. Gourmet Cupcakes
  38. Curry
  39. Grilled Clams
  40. Tamagoyaki
  41. Castella
  42. Sweet Potato Jelly
  43. Beef Bourguignon
  44. Lemon Mousse
  45. Fried Egg
  46. Tempura
  47. Chocolate Strawberries
  48. Yakiniku
  49. Cookies
  50. Steak
  51. Tonkatsu
  52. Cereal
  53. Walnut Bread
  54. Squid Grilled in Butter
  55. Strawberry Shortcake
  56. Chocolate Doughnut
  57. Tuna and Avocado Salad
  58. Instant Ramen
  59. Potato Gratin
  60. Salmon Meuniere

Mini Games

There are more than 200 mini games in this Mama game. These involve Recipe minigames, household chores, etc. 

Recipe Actions

Due to a massive length, the recipe action minigames can be found here: Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic (Recipe Actions)

Combine Actions

  • Sliding Plates: Moving the trays of food the player must make them be placed beneath the falling food
  • Memory: Memorize which tray/plate has the meal underneath the lid
  • Stack: Each time the pancake on top flies up, the player must slide the article of food between it and the pancake below.
  • Green Bar Slide: When the food reaches the green bar, slide it to the plate
  • Slide Puzzle: Works like the first minigame, but you must move a bunch of other plates out of the way
  • Arrange and Stack: Stacking the soba trays, the player has to keep them exactly straightly lined
  • Sliding Bowls: Move the food in front of the player to place it on the udon
  • Passing out Rice: As bowls appear the player must put rice into each one

Let's Help

In this special mode, one can play different non-cooking based minigames for 17 in total. When one is perfectly cleared it gains a gold medal behind it.

Use the Vaccum!

Touch the vaccum to clean up dirt, but don't bump objects that get in the way. 

Put It Away!

Items are tossed towards the side of the screen and have to be thrown into the toy bin. 

Wipe It!

Help Ichigo clean the floor. 

Open the Box!

Keep unwrapping the items, but don't be too rough!

Clean the Dutch Oven

As the ovens appear, run water over them. 

Use The Duster

Gently clean the objects with the duster. 

Seperate The Trash

Make sure to put it in their proper bins. 

Take Out The Garbage

Help Ichigo drop off the garbage where it belongs. But watch out for obstacles trying to get in the way!

Find The Tableware

Memorize the tableware's locations and try to find the one requested. 

Catch The Cup

Tap the cup until it's handle is in reaching distance. Just don't drop it!

Put Away The Ladle

Hang up the ladles using the hooks. But be careful not to let any fall. 

Hand Over The Plate

Gently handle the plates, giving the correct one that matches the other pair of hands. 

Clean Up The Garbage

Carefully tidy up, but don't throw away anything of value!

Organize The Tableware

Watch the panels and put the tableware as instructed. 

Wash The Plates

Clean off the plates and dry them when you finish. But be gentle so you don't break or toss the plate. 

Wipe The Windows

Clean off the Windows

Set The Cups Right

Move the saucers to where the cups are landing. 

Unlockable Content and Items

As is tradition beginning with Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends, a lot of bonus unlockable content has been put into the game that one can receive after collecting 3 bonuses for each content. These special gifts range from clothing, accessories, and other little customizable options.

To receive bonuses, there are some steps that come with a yellow star in the left side of the screen, indicating that you can gain a bonus. Completing these steps in less than half the given time will give you one bonus star for each step, though on some steps, it's possible to gain two instead. Every 3 bonuses obtained will net you an unlockable content, and once everything is collected, the bonus count no longer pops up after each dish is complete. In this game, the special bonus item comes in a jewelry-encrusted, heart-shaped box.


  • Mama's Apron - comes in traditional Mama yellow, lime green, sky blue, pink, and lilac
  • Waiter - Black with red bowtie, blue theme with blue bowtie, red with gray skirt and black bowtie, yellow with green skirt and red bowtie, and pink with purple skirt and orange bowtie
  • Kimono - orange and blue, pink and yellow, blue and white, green and brown, and white and red
  • Sailor/Scout - White and blue with red tie, pink and red with yellow tie, green with blue tie, blue with white tie, and black and yellow with red tie
  • Waitress/Maid - Blue and white, Black and white, Red and pale tan, yellow and orange, Solid Green
  • Idol/Magical Girl - Pink with black leggings, blue and yellow with gray leggings, gold and green with orange leggingds, green and blue with black leggings, and black and pink with gold bows
  • Fancy Dress - pink and red, blue, yellow, green, and black and pink


  • Head Scarf/Bandana - pink, yellow, blue, purple, and green. This item cannot be taken off.
  • Hair ornaments - Heart on ribbon, flowers and butterfly, mini tiara, two loose bows, and a fruity crown
  • Head Bands - Maid hat, gothic bow, black bunny ears, big red bow, small gold crown, yellow headband, tiara headband, flowery headband, Sailor cap, pink kitty ears
  • Glasses - Oval red frames, no frames, silver sqares, brown sunglasses, cool sunglasses, oval black frames, secret mask, dark green low frame, swirly eyes, and big black frames
  • Earrings - Strawberry gems, bunny heads, a single gold heart with gem in center, one is a blue star while the other is gold moon, and broken hearts
  • Neck - blue pendent, orange necherchief, green winter scarf, red stripe bow, and bead necklace

Room Customization

Also, one can unlock clocks, wallpaper, and design what they what their kitchen to look like when cooking.


  • Wood with thick pink piece
  • Blue fancy plate with heart tipped stick
  • Chocolate donut with small colorful beads and pocki stick
  • Fancy pale pink with small stars and yellow stick
  • Green wreath with wooden stick


  • Pink plaid with blue border
  • Green, blue, pink, and orange tile
  • Eggplant, Pepper, and Tomato tile
  • Blue and Yellow fade with stars
  • Yellow wallpaper with purple and pink flowers
  • Sky with bubbles and curly rainbow
  • Red and pink with yellow and orange carpet
  • Stained glass windows
  • A kitchen
  • Sweet cake and candy
  • Ocean setting
  • A bright, flowery garden
  • Chinese-style room
  • The pretty night sky with Aurora borealus
  • Bar


One can unlock 3 different aspects to alter their kitchen. The floor, wall, and counter area

  • Wall: yellow with red and blue stripes, blue wall with stars and a rainbow, cake, pale pink and yellow, chinese, and log cabin.
  • Floor: plain wood, sweet crackers, brown wood, tatami mat, blue and pale yellow, and pretty pink 4-piece tile.
  • Counter: Blue tile with pink, blue and white tile with yellow, chocolate bar with pink and yellow, silver and red, wood, and pink and pale yellow diamond tile with blue


Like the past few games the color of the cooking tools can be changed. These include: 

  • Pan/skillet
  • Cutting board
  • Cooking pot
  • Knife
  • Tablecloth
  • Bowl


As common in every Cooking Mama game, trophies are awarded to the player upon meeting certain criteria. In this game the player must:

  • Get all gold medals in Let's Cook
  • Unlock all of the unlockable objects/items
  • Find all the ways to play
  • Get gold medals on all Let's Combine challenges


  • This is the second game where one can combine dishes. The first was Cooking Mama.
  • This is currently the last main cooking mama game where the player can unlock alternate clothing and accessories for Mama. In CM5, this option was left out and the player can only select from alternate pattern and color aprons. 

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