Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends (or simply Cooking Mama 2 in the UK) is the sequel to the Nintendo
DS video game Cooking Mama and its Wii successor, Cooking Mama: Cook Off. The game has twice as many minigames as the original, all new recipes, and a new multiplayer "Cook Off" mode.

The game also includes voice clips similar to the ones used in Cooking Mama: Cook Off, although not as commonly used. Dinner with Friends is the second Cooking Mama game to include desserts, the first being Cooking Mama: Cook Off for the Wii.

The successor to this game, Cooking Mama: World Kitchen for the Wii, was released on November 18, 2008.


  • Let's Cook: The basic, main mode where the player can practice and cook yummazing dishes!
  • Cook Off: A challenge mode where the player mustn't fail ANY steps and is not given any instructions between them. A friend will then try out the food and rate it.
  • Cooking Contest: Wireless multiplayer between 4 people!



  1. Pizza
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Sea Bream Carpaccio
  4. Corn Soup
  5. T-Bone Steak
  6. Apple Pie
  7. Eel Rice Bowl
  8. Squid Fried Rice
  9. Mama Cookie
  10. Panna Cotta
  11. Waffle
  12. Chili Dog
  13. Meatloaf
  14. Sweet Potato
  15. Lobster
  16. Sliced Burdock Root
  17. Tempura
  18. Bagel
  19. Seafood Rice Bowl
  20. Mama Rice Cracker
  21. Sweet Dumpling
  22. Tokoroten
  23. Macaroon
  24. Kimchi
  25. Baguette
  26. Crepe
  27. Churros
  28. Hand Sushi Roll
  29. Ravioli
  30. Cake
  31. Fresh Spring Roll
  32. Ice Cream
  33. Mama Yaki
  34. Escargot
  35. Strawberry Jam
  36. Grilled Meat
  37. Paprika Marinade
  38. Mango Pudding
  39. Loco Moco
  40. Goya Stir Fry
  41. Seafood Salad
  42. Fruit Juice
  43. Namerou
  44. Strawberry Roll Cake
  45. Chinese Porridge
  46. Simmered Flounder
  47. Bamboo Steamed Rice
  48. Lotus Root with Mustard
  49. Oden
  50. Cream Puff
  51. Almond Jelly
  52. Pop Corn
  53. Lamb Steak
  54. Mayonnaise Shrimp
  55. Cinderella
  56. Clam Chowder
  57. Gyro
  58. Jambalaya
  59. Cream of Mushroom Pasta
  60. California Roll
  61. Chocolate
  62. Korean Pancake
  63. Cotoletta
  64. Pork Dumpling
  65. Shark Fin Soup
  66. Doughnut
  67. Tandoori Chicken
  68. Squid Fried Soba
  69. Bananas Foster
  70. Chinese Steamed Bun
  71. Hotcake
  72. Sesame Dumplings
  73. Rice Croquette
  74. Scone
  75. Kama Meshi
  76. Sauteed Liver & Chives
  77. Quiche
  78. Chinese Fried Pork
  79. Keema Curry & Chapati
  80. Mama Lunch Box

Pickles were intended to be in this game, but was cut for unknown reasons. It was later put in Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop.

There is also a dummy/placeholder recipe known as NONE, but it is likely set for testing/filler data purposes

Unlockable Items

This was the first game to allow customization and give the player special presents upon completing dishes and tasks.


  • Mama's normal attire: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow
  • Kimono: Green and blue, Pink and magenta, blue and lilac, yellow and blue, purple
  • Princess Dress: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple
  • Shirt and pants: Yellow and blue, Pink and light blue, Blue and yellow, Green and dark blue, orange and white
  • Chinese Dress: Red and yellow, Yellow and blue, Blue and green, Green and yellow, Pink and red
  • Spanish Dress: Yellow and red, red and yellow, gray and red, teal and dark blue, blue and purple
  • Cheerleader: Blue and yellow, Yellow and green, pink and blue, Blue and ice blue, blue and soft red
  • Cafe Worker: Blue and pink with white shirt with blue jeans, pink and red with yellow shirt with brown jeans, yellow and blue with white shirt and green jeans, blue and yellow with white shirt and red jeans, white with white and white shirt and blue jeans
  • Tuxedo: Black, red, brown, white, gold
  • Chef: White and red, Yellow and red, pink and yellow, blue and white, green and blue


  • Glasses: Red frames, blue half frames, gold monocle, green bottom frames
  • Earrings: pink hearts, blue stars, yellow lemons, green peppers
  • Head/Hair: Pink tiara, Blue gem tiara, Gold and pink gem tiara, normal gold crown with pink gem
  • Ribbons: Pink doubles, green single, blue flower clip, double flowers
  • Bandana: Pink, blue, yellow, green, pale pink

Color-Change Utensils

These do not need to be unlocked and can be changed upon first starting the game:

  • Skillet: Red, teal, dark blue, yellow, green
  • Pot: Same
  • Knife: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Cutting Board: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Gray
  • Meat Grinder: Orange and blue, red and ice blue, dark blue and yellow, yellow and blue, Green and pink
  • Peeler: blue, red, orange, yellow, green
  • Oven: Blue with yellow, Red with blue, Orange with dark blue, Yellow with purple, and Green with pink

Top Screen

These do not need to be unlocked either!

  • Background: Kitchen, Snowy Cabin, Castle, Night time room, Outside shack during sunset/sunrise  *note- does need to be unlocked
  • Clock: Pink circle smiling mama, sky blue square frowning mama, dark blue octagon winking mama, yellow octagon perky mama, green lime happy mama
  • Bar/Meter: Blue and green, pink and blue, yellow and blue, green with blue, and purple with blue


These are more color changing items that do not need to be unlocked

  • Counter: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Gray
  • Stove: Dark blue, red, orange, yellow, green
  • Sink: Pink, blue, yellow, green, gray


A special new feature, just in this game allows players to save their favorite results for a Diary and upon unlocking special stickers (some, if not all being animated) the player can decorate the diary. A total of 8 entries can be made, but they can deleted or edited at any time given. On the top screen it displays the recipe, the date made, and rating.

There are 5 pages of unique items on each for a total of 25 topics of stickers to chose from for a total of 160 stickers!

The following can be unlocked:

  • Borders: Page, rainbow, pink colorful, yellow triangles, picture frame, hearts, clouds, flowers on vines, stage curtains, blue squares
  • Speech Bubbles: Delicious, Well done well done, perfect, thank you, Bon appetite!, Not tasty, love it!, Happy new year, merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday
  • Weather Emotes: Smile sun, gloomy clouds, rainy umbrella, angry storm, snowflake
  • Eyes: Wide, Angry, Sarcastic, ><, Glare, Dizzy, girly, teary, love hearts, cat eyes
  • Lips: Lipstick, Disdain, Growl, fangs, big grin, beauty mole, tongue, dog muzzle, pig, duck
  • Facial: Whiskers, santa beard, curly mustache, normal mustache, very curly mustache
  • Head Accessories: Kitty ears, bunny ears, horns, big red bow, green antennae
  • Portraits of all characters
  • Foods: Shortcake, Cheesecake, lovely heart cake, yellow cake, chocolate cake, ice cream, yellow and blue icecream, orange icecream in dish, wrapped candy, lollipop
  • Drinks: Blue Lemon, pink cherry, yellow orange, orange fancy, and purple short glass
  • Vegetables and Fruits: Tomato, eggplant, pepper, potato, carrot, Melon, Apple, Peach, Grape, Pumpkin
  • Glasses: Glasses, sunglasses, white sunglasses, green mask, dizzy eye glasses
  • Hats: French beret, chef hat, top hat, sun hat, pink wizards cap
  • Special: pink present, blue present bag, treasure chest, pink blue and yellow bouquet, red roses
  • Utensils: Green knife, pink fork, yellow spoon, red pot, red pan
  • Toys: Rocket, airplane, car, robot, teddybear
  • Shiny decals: Heart, star, crescent moon, blue diamond, purple crystals
  • Top banners: Streamers, flowers, ribbons, roses, stars
  • Finger Signs: White peace, blue wave, yellow thumbs up, pink OKAY, green point
  • Flags:
  • Flowers: Rose, Daisy, Tulip, Sunflower, Carnations
  • Animals: Rabbit, puppy, kitty, fish, butterfly
  • Emoticons: Laughing, Scared, Angry, Crying, Happy
  • Emotions: Sweadrop, Music note, angry vein, shock, love
  • Christmas: Pine tree, snowy tree, Santa, Stocking, Christmas lights, Star, candle, santa hat, Merry Christmas sign, Snowman


In this game, three pure gold trophies will be awarded to the player for completing certain task:

  • Receiving all items
  • Getting gold on all "Let's Cook" dishes
  • Getting gold on all "Cook Off" dishes


  • During the month of December, Christmas items are unlockable, including Mama dressed as Santa and a Christmas background. 
  • This game introduces the feature of choosing which utensil to use during specific step. For example, when mixing ingredients the player could use chopsticks or a whisk. One utensil would finish the job quicker and net the player a bonus with the risk of failing the entire step. The other would require more physical handwork at the benefit of a risk-free result. 
  • There is a recipe called NONE that can be accessed via glitches, however it only contains 20 "Chop It!" steps and 1 "Boil It!" step. Selecting any step will softlock the game.