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Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is one of the few installments in the Cooking Mama franchise. This game was released in Japan on November 6, 2014, but will be released worldwide courtesy to Office Create's partnership with Rising Star Games. This is the fourth game to be released for the 3DS, being available in both physical and digital copies via the Nintendo eShop. Physical copies will be released on May 16, 2017 while digital copies will be released two days later on May 18, 2017.

In this game, the player is running a sweets shop that will progressively expands in size the more you create and complete recipes. The game will utilize the gyroscope system of the 3DS and the same controls as of Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic and Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit! Just like in previous installments, the game will include 60 different recipes and over 160 minigames to play. Unique to this game however, is a multiplayer mode that supports two to four players simultaneously.

Due to the discontinuation of Majesco Entertainment, the company that provides Mama's American voice, Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop will most likely adopt the European PAL voice for releases outside of Japan, toning down Mama's heavily accented English to give off the appearance of a calm and mature person.

Sweets that will appear in game (based from trailer footage and Japanese sources) Edit

Decorated Cake Edit

A standard strawberry shortcake decorated with frosting and fruit.

Yule Log Edit

A Christmas rolled cake that resembles a log.

Cheesecake Edit

A rich, creamy cake made with soft, fresh cheese and a cracker/shortbread crust.

Sakura Mochi Edit

A Japanese sweet (wagashi) made by wrapping a pickled cherry blossom leaf over sweet, pink rice cake filled with red bean paste.

Fruit Tartlets Edit

Mini tarts consisting of a filling on a tart shell. Decorated with a variety of fruits.

Mont Blanc Edit

A cake base filled with whipped cream and pureed chestnuts. Topped with Marron Glace.

Jumbo Pudding Edit

A large sized pudding with a caramel top. Can be decorated with fruit.

Ginger Cookies Edit

Gingerbread men cookies made with ginger and other spices. Can be decorated with icing.

Truffles Edit

A confectionery made from a ganache of chocolate and cream. Can be rolled around edibles.

Stained Glass Cookies Edit

Cookies with a hole in the middle and filled with crushed hard candy. After baking, the melted candy fills up the hole, giving it the appearance of stained glass.

Eclairs Edit

An oblong choux pastry filled with whipped cream. While usually dipped in chocolate, this version of Eclairs can be decorated with various icings and fruit.

Heart Ganache Edit

A heart-molded ganache made of chocolate and cream. It is then decorated with a variety of edibles.

Parfait Edit

A layered dessert consisting of cake, ice cream, fruit, cream, etc. More than often visually appetizing.

Gingerbread House Edit

A Christmastime favorite made with gingerbread cookies. Naturally, it is decorated with many things.

Charlotte Cake Edit

An elegant cake made by layering cake with fillings. The edges of the cake is outlined with ladyfingers.

Cupcakes Edit

Petite-sized cakes decorated with frosting and toppings.

Candy Apples Edit

An apple on a stick that is coated with caramel or any other sweet sauce. It is then rolled in edibles.

Cream Puffs Edit

A petite pastry consisting of a baked puff of choux pastry that is filled with whipped cream.

Crepe Edit

A thin pancake that is wrapped around ice cream and fruit.

Wedding Cake Edit

A two-tiered cake made to commemorate a wedding event. Laced with frosting and fruit.

Mille Feuille Crepe Edit

A cake made by layering crepes with colored cream.

Creme Brulee Edit

Another elegant dessert consisting of a rich, creamy custard topped with caramelized sugar.

Lollipops Edit

A hard-candy confectionery on a stick that can come in many colors.

French Crullers Edit

A fried pastry made by twisting dough akin to doughnuts.

Ichigo Daifuku Edit

A Japanese sweet (wagashi) that has a strawberry covered in red bean paste which is then covered in mochi.

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows Edit

Little treats of marshmallow dipped in chocolate that are then decorated.

Pudding a la Mode Edit

A Japanese sundae made by pairing pudding with fruit and cream.

Yogurt Bavarois Edit

Gelatinized cream made with yogurt that is then molded. Fruit can be added beforehand.

Nougat Edit

A confection made of whipped egg whites, honey, and nuts.

French Apple Tart Edit

A French style pastry made with apples and a buttery dough in the most traditional sense.

Baumkuchen Edit

A ring cake made by layering batter after batter while baking.

Orange Roll Cake Edit

An orange-flavored roll cake when sliced, gives off the appearance of an orange.

Chiffon Cake Edit

A cake made by using oil rather than the usual butter. Whipped egg whites are used for stabilization, making the cake light, fluffy, and voluminous.

Doughnut Edit

Ring-shaped dough that is fried before covered in icing and other decorations.

Cherry Pie Edit

Pie crust with a custard base that is filled with a cherry filling.

Taiyaki Edit

A Japanese sweet (wagashi) that is a fish-shaped batter cake filled with red bean paste.

Macaron Edit

A sweet petite cookie made from egg whites, sugar, and almond powder. They can be made with many colors and decorated with many garnishes.

Hotcake Edit

A molded pancake shaped like a bear. The face can be customized with icing.

Chocolate Covered Banana Edit

Delicious treats of banana dipped in chocolate that are then decorated.

Caramel Popcorn Edit

Popcorn that is sweetened by being coated in a caramel sauce.

Dorayaki Edit

A Japanese sweet (wagashi) that is two Castella pancakes sandwiched with red bean paste.

Croquembouche Edit

A large-event dessert made by stacking balls of choux pastry into a cone that is bound with caramel.

Zuccotto Edit

An Italian half-frozen dessert molds ice cream with cake, giving it a nice, round bowl-shape.

Honey Toast Edit

A loaf of bread that is caramelized with butter and honey before being being decorated with fruit and ice cream.

Fruit Jelly Edit

A gelatinized dessert made by molding fruit with jelly.

Chocolate Mirror Cake Edit

A dome cake covered in a lustrous and shiny chocolate icing made with gelatin.

Sachertorte Edit

A dense, Austrian chocolate cake with a hint of apricot jam.

Gallery (Images taken from Japanese Miiverse community) Edit

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