One of the clips/videos/webisodes on Cooking Mama World.



After Mama provides an alternative, Ichigo and Ringo learn all about combination dishes!


One day Mama comes by Ringo and Ichigo, who are busy making idle chat with one another. She asks them what they would like to eat. Both of them have an ideal food in mind but begin to grow concerned as neither want the same thing; Ichigo would like a meat dish while Ringo just wants some curry. When they start to argue over this, Mama watches as neither child refuses to reconsider. She gets an idea and with some creativity she combines the dishes they both wanted to make something new.

This pleases both her son and daughter and they begin to chow down. Mama is happy with this, unaware that she just happened to inspire them. 

Later in the kitchen, Ichigo and Ringo have decided to combine pizza and cake. So they make the pizza, then Ichigo puts a cake slice on top. Sure they will like it, the children each try a bite; only to realize how terrible it is. So they try to combine curry with a Chocolate Cornet.

After a few more failed attempts, Ichigo and Ringo finally have managed to get a great combination: Pancakes with ice cream on top. Ichigo takes the dish to Mama in the other room, who is busy making a pretty necklace, and after she tries a bite of it, the children happily celebrate as she comments on how good it is. 

Unknown to the three of them, Max is in the kitchen working on his own special combination dish: a bowl of dog food with a whole bunch of bones. He is very happy with this and the webisode ends. 



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