An episode featured on Cooking Mama World.
Scrub Scrub



Ichigo and Ringo try to help Mama with some Spring Cleaning!


Ringo and Ichigo are finishing breakfast when they notice Mama running back and fourth behind them. After they finish they quickly go outside and see her about to start cleaning up some items she's put onto a stand, as they are covered in dustballs and could use a good clean up.

Ichigo tells Mama that they want to help her out. So Mama gives them both a duster and she lets them get to work. Ichigo gently taps a vase and as it gets cleaned, she silently gloats. This triggers something in Ringo and he does the same; however their competitive natures cause them to start cleaning up other items. Like a stack of dirty books, a pumpkin, and a teddy-bear. However, it turns out the teddy-bear was actually Max's toy. 

A little while later they find Mama cleaning up something else dirty and they quickly offer to help her clean it as well. They do very good but are pretty worn out after finishing; only to get a surprise when Max suddenly smears it with his muddy paws. 

After some more work the isblings manage to get all of the windows cleaned up. Mama comes in and is very happy by this, and has them go wash their hands so that they can sit down and have something to eat. They rush off, excited now, only for Mama to notice the dirt trails behind them; shrugging it off as the clip ends. 



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