One of the clips/webisodes/videos found on Cooking Mama World.



Ichigo struggles to set up the perfect Christmas Tree.


Ichigo is busily decorating the Christmas Tree. She is very happy when she finishes, but then it turns out she had only done a portion of it. She spots Max nearby and gets a step-ladder, having him aid her while she finishes. 

However she pays him little-to-no attention and keeps putting up more and more items onto the tree until she believes she has finished. Both Max and Ichigo step back and at first she is very happy, until seeing that Max tricked her into putting up ornaments composed of his chew toy, dog food dish, and frisbee.

Somewhat frustrated, she fixes the tree to make it look normal and takes down the dog items. But when she finishes she turns to grab the star topper, only to find out she's much too short to reach the very top. 

In defeat she sits on the floor. She spots Max, now holding the star in his mouth and with a running start he is able to get the star on the top of the tree, then proceeds to come down onto Ichigo. They step back again to admire their hard work as Papa comes home. 

He, Mama, Ichigo, and Max stand before the tree and go to enjoy the delivious dinner, posing for a picture as the clip ends. 


When Ichigo is defeated, a star falls down similar to when Wario gets a bogey in Mario Golf[N64].


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